Features & Benefits


Child Assist Pro has an endless list of features and benefits to aid each organisation in their day-to-day operation. Designed from the very beginning to be used by Child Contact Providers, it is truly unique whilst being easy to use.


Child Assist Pro offers the  capability to run your organisation from one single system. Features include, but are not limited to:

  • Multi system compatible. Why limit yourself to just using a desktop or laptop? CAP can be used on tablet, phones with any browser, meaning no limitations – and NO setup fees.
  • Multi-tiered level access. Every function within the system can be restricted to only the people YOU want to have access to it.
  • Encrypted document storage. From case notes to photographs, from staff driving documents to compliance certificates, all documents can be stored centrally and only accessed by those people you choose to have access.
  • No restrictions on users. As your organisation grows, your systems should too. That’s why CAP allows you to register as many users as you need, at no additional cost.
  • Client transfer. If a new case is transferred to you, providing the previous organisation is also a CAP user, you can simply transfer the full history of each child at the click of a button. No more waiting for documents in the mail.


Child Assist Pro obviously has hundreds of features not mentioned here, so try it today and find out how CAP can revolutionize you organisation today.